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Car, SUV and vehicle sanitation against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus can land on any surface. This can be by touch, coughing or sneezing and can remain for up to three days. This is why we are offering Antiviral Sanitation Cleaning for vehicles. You can have any vehicle professionally sanitised to help stem the spread of coronavirus.
  1. The technician ensures all accessible areas of vehicle are clear.
  2. All interior surfaces (including seats mats, dashboard and headliner) are fogged with our BS EN 14776:2013+A2:2019 certified product to ensure all germs are eradicated. Our unique product then continues to protect for up to 30 days. Even after regular cleaning protocol.
  3. The Exterior side of the door handles and the vehicle trunk and handle are sprayed as well.
  4. The product is non-toxic and completely safe and once dry (approximately 10 minutes after application) you are on your way.
  5. The vehicle is supplied with a certificate confirming treatment

NK GERMBUSTERS. Use Zoono technology because of its;

  1. Ability to mechanically disrupts not dehydration or chemical poison.
  2. Proven effective for up to 24hrs on skin.
  3. Proven effective for up to 30 days on surface.
  4. Proven effective for up to 100 washes on textiles.
  5. Prevents mutation (superbugs).
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Supported by 100+ independent laboratory tests worldwide.

Z71 is a microbe shield surface sanitiser which NK Germbusters dispense through a ULV electrostatic sprayer which emits positively charged particles at 10-20 microns in size. These charged particles are attracted to the surfaces in the treated environment to ensure a robust coverage. Once dry (approximately 10 minutes in normal environment). They then form an invisible barrier of microscopic ‘pins’ which remain active for 30 days attracting the pathogens which are instantly killed by the ‘pins’ which pierce and rupture the pathogens lipid cell wall. This ‘mechanical’ kill prevents mutation resistance and the development of superbugs as well as eliminating the spread of the virus through cross contamination.


This is of course particularly relevant with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. Treatments have successfully   been delivered to a number of premises though out the pandemic allowing businesses to remain open whilst protecting the well being of the employees.

Moving forward we see this same treatment being utilised by clients to offer confidence to their staff and customer base as we move out of the protective home bubble by ensuring an environment free from virus and bacteria.

 Whether it be office, shop, hotel, vehicle, school or residence NK Germbusters are ready and able to make your world safer and put the mind at rest.


  1. Touchless application; providing a fast and effective application method while using less solution.
  2. Reduce cross contamination; In most cases a spray and wipe technique can move bacteria and viruses from one surface to another. Cross contamination is almost completely reduced due to touchless effect of fogger.
  3. Liquid Adhesion and Coverage; fully charged droplets hold their charge preventing dripping. This allows the solution to cover hidden and shadowed areas, enabling  more complete coverage of a large area in a shorter time.